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Updated: Badging Information (click here)

What is next for ACI Jet in Orange County?
ACI Jet was awarded the east side full-service FBO parcel at John Wayne Airport and on January 1, 2021, began operating ACI Jet North and ACI Jet South in addition to managing all east side t-hangars, tie downs and box hangars. Over the next few years, ACI Jet will develop the parcel and build new and improved, state-of-the-art facilities.

If you would like to find out more information, please contact our Client Relations team at (949)201-2545 or email ACI Jet Client Relations.



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What are the new features that will be available in the upcoming development that matter to me?

When does construction start on the new FBO?
Construction will be a phased multi-year process. A start date has not been set and the earliest construction could start on the West Side Parcel is 2022. We anticipate that construction on ACI Jet’s East Side Parcel will begin some time in 2025.

Will my aircraft be out on the ramp or at another location during construction?
Each phase of construction is unique. Anyone who will be displaced by construction activity will receive details well before the phase that affects them begins, including information regarding temporary accommodations that may be available.

Badging Information

Any badge holder that does not have ACI Jet printed as the company name will need to submit an application to receive an ACI Jet sponsored badge.

    • Badge holder must complete an ACI Jet badging application located here.
    • Once completed, please leave the form with the Front Desk at the ACI Jet North facility or email a copy to ACI Jet Client Relations.
    • An ACI Jet authorized signatory will contact you to schedule an appointment with the JWA badging office. The badging office is taking applications by appointment only and will collect your old badge at that time.

    • Please contact ACI Jet Client Relations for any questions or concerns.


Parking Hangtags
JWA has issued ACI Jet new, permanent vehicle hangtags. All previously Atlantic, County, Executive, Southcoast and Tiedown passes are no longer valid.

How do I obtain a permanent parking pass?
Please complete the Parking Hang Tag Request Form. Client Relations will reach out to you via email when your pass is ready for pickup.