When will the new ACI Jet headquarters be open?
Our new headquarters and FBO is now open! We look forward to seeing you in the new location on your next visit.

Where is the new headquarters located on the field?
The new FBO is located at 4751 Aviadores Way. Take Taxiway Alpha towards Runway 29. We’re located on the left side of Taxiway Alpha, just past Taxiway Golf. Look for the ACI Jet and Bombardier sign.


What is the address?
4751 Aviadores Way. Click here to save our new address in your contacts.This street name was chosen for its connection to aviation and its relevance to the history of the California Central Coast. You can find the full story behind the name here..

How big is the new facility?
The FBO and office space is 28,000 square feet, and the attached hangar is over 29,000 square feet. Including the pre-existing maintenance hangar on the other side, the total size of the entire ACI Jet headquarters is just over 91,000 square feet. That’s a lot of elbow room!

What can I expect to see in the new building?
You can expect to see a beautiful, spacious facility with accommodations for not only pilots and passengers, but those who want to watch planes and a place to connect to the aviation community. We look forward to showing you this unique building’s stunning design, local touches, and gorgeous views.

Will I still be able to walk through the building at the previous location?
After April 5, you won’t be able to walk through the building.

Are piston aircraft welcome at the ramp at the new FBO?
Absolutely! In fact, we prefer that everyone parks in front of the new FBO. This will be the easiest and fastest way for you to access the new facility and receive services. If you are unsure where to park once on the ramp, a marshaller will direct you. You can also contact us by radio at 131.175 for instructions.

Will I still be able to park next to the restaurant?
Yes. ACI Jet still manages the transient parking next to the restaurant (the blue line), and you are welcome to either park yourself or request to be marshalled in. There will be signs with our contact information for fuel requests and services. If you park on the blue line or old terminal ramp, we will be happy to give you shuttle rides to the FBO as operations allow.

Will I still be able to walk through or park on the ramp in front of the previous location?
No. The building and ramp will be repurposed and will no longer be accessible to the public. This also includes the vehicle gate, which will not be available for entrance to or exit from the ramp.

How will I get through the Site A pedestrian gate if I need to get back onto the ramp?
You will still be able to exit the pedestrian gate at Site A. However, to get access back onto the ramp, you will need to either come back through via the new FBO or contact airport operations at (805) 788-2000 to let you back in. If you have spent the night or need to pay for services, please come through the FBO on your departure and we will provide you a ride back to your aircraft.

Can I use Spirit of San Luis for access back onto the ramp?
The Spirit of San Luis gate is for restaurant customers only.

If I park at the old terminal ramp, will a facility fee apply to my aircraft?
To learn if a facility fee applies to your aircraft type at our FBO, or how much fuel waives the fee, please contact the front desk at (805) 548-1330 or sbp@acijet.com.

How will I pay for aircraft overnight parking?
All eastside transient overnight payment is handled through ACI Jet. If you are planning on spending the night, please check-in with the FBO when you arrive and make sure to come through the FBO when you depart.

Can I still have my vehicle pulled planeside at the new FBO?
Due to higher aircraft traffic and maintenance operations, vehicles are not permitted on the ramp at the new facility. However, we will take care of any luggage that you need transported from your aircraft, and your vehicle will be ready and waiting for you.

Will there be any change to booking a rental car or vehicle parking with ACI Jet?
Both services will remain unchanged in the new location. If you would like a rental car on your visit to ACI Jet, contact the front desk to book one for you and plan to park at the new FBO. This will be the best way to ensure a rental is available and have it waiting for you when you arrive.

Where do I park my personal vehicle when visiting ACI Jet for the day or overnight?
Daily parking is provided free of charge to all ACI Jet customers, and is available in any open spot in the parking lot. Overnight parking is available at a rate of $18 (as of March 2021). Please ensure you check in with the front desk before leaving your vehicle overnight. You will need a permit.